A different walk through Remarkable Romania

Romania is remarkable in many ways, through people, through places, through facts, through stories, or through memorable events… How many of these places do you recognize only by description and images?

The connection between man and divinity, in this locality, is marked by charming wooden churches, studded in places with benevolent nuns (Bârsana)
Do you know the locality with a reservoir, where we find a sunken church, forgotten by many people? (Belis)
You recognize that place where raincoats and rubber boots are mandatory once a year, because it’s just a festival. (Bontida)
Have you ever been to the town where “Goale” or “Flocoase” are, at the top, some ribs? (Buxium)
Here the “Lady’s Slipper” is not only found on ladies’ feet, but even in the fields. (Ciurila)
It is “unique” in the world, with its private biathlon base. (founded)
In the past, only “Varfalău”, today what is its name? (Moldovan)
Here the plants are carnivorous, the waters are healing, the swamp is well known, tourists talk about it. (poplar)
Picturesque place, with a fortress in the records, and through the virginal dance, good cheer spreads. (Grades)
Sitting in a hearth, like a stone church and a tradition in beekeeping, like you’ve never seen before. (I’m seeing)
The town where a “Martian” is a composer, and in a dizzying landscape, you can see a fortified church, protected by Saint Peter. (Vine Valley)
Promotion campaign of the Remarkable Romania project carried out together with the master’s students of the Faculty of Geography, Babeș-Bolyai University.

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